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Convince Millennial parents who find it taboo to talk about money with their kids that money can transcend dollar amounts and reflect positive values and work ethic with the ability to create generational change.


By juxtaposing kids' lighthearted entrepreneurial endeavors with complex financial concepts, Greenlight will show parents just how responsible and financially mature their kids can become.


Greenlight means "go for it."

Greenlight Checkout.png
greenlight social hashtag.png


#greenlightit will allow parents to showcase their kid's entrepreneurial endeavors (i.e jewelry, baking, lemonade stands, etc)

Participants will get DM'd a code for a $5 dollar incentive added to their kid's account when they start using greenlight.

greenlight winner.png


One talented young entrepreneur who posts under #greenlightit will be chosen by Greenlight to create their very own pop-up store for their business.

For example, Erika, an aspiring barista with a knack for latte art, so her mom posts her designs tagging #greenlightit. After seeing Erica's posts, Greenlight has chosen to sponsor her endeavor with a pop-up coffee shop. Erika gets to create her own name for the shop (i.e., 'Coffee-licious") along with other visual elements.

greenlight facebook ad.png


Using motion media and a traffic light motif, we will be creating a Facebook ad promoting an article about anti-shame based spending on our microsite,

kaia greenlight.png


Young fashion designer Kaia and her mom ( will post about how they use the greenlight card to purchase materials for Kaia's next design idea.

Kaia will have $25 dollars on her greenlight card to buy fabric at the thrift store/fabric store to create a fabulous outfit, courtesy of Greenlight.


In Atlanta, Greenlight's home base and a hub for our Target Audience, we will also be creating a large digital billboard that is synced with the timing of the traffic lights. Each light will reveal a new headline leading up to our key message, Go For It.

Because video entertainment at gas stations is becoming increasingly common and our motif of stoplights relates to gas stations, it becomes a great place to utilize to trigger "Greenlight means go".

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